Here are some resources that I have found very useful:

epals (

Would you like to have your students correspond with students in China to talk about government? Sure beats hearing a lecture. That’s just what we did in my U.S. Government class. I first started using epals about 16 years ago.  At that time I used it to create email addresses for my students but now it allows our classes to get connected to teachers and students all around the world.  With our Chinese friends, our students answered their questions and they answered ours. It was quite the learning experience.


The Amazing Race (

Have you ever wanted to spice up a lesson…even if it is a worksheet? The Amazing Race is here to help. The Amazing Race is a lesson application I picked up at a Google training and it will turn the most mundane lesson into a rip-roaring learning experience. Essentially it takes a lesson and breaks it up into competitive “races” complete with “roadblocks” to stump the winningest team and level the playing field.

Driving Mr. James


This is a lesson I developed for my SDC math class that was a perfect post-vacation activity. The idea is to ask the class to tell you where they went on vacation. Using that information they begin to set up algebraic equations that the they will use to calculate any number of answers such as speed, distance, cost, miles per gallon, etc. The lesson plan references a Powerpoint slide that you will need to create to help the students visualize some of the equations. Also included are Word documents which contain some exercises you can use to scaffold the lesson.